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Gheusi, Jacques
Quinze voix pour Wolfgang.
L'Avant-Scene Opera (Special Issue Avril-Juin 1984): 9-24.

Number of People : 15


Krausruperte, Ernst (editor)
Schone, Marion (editor)
Opernsanger : sechzig Partrats
Berlin: Henschelverlag, 1979. 183 p.
       60 portraits, list of major roles for each artist.
       Note: The 3rd edition of A0076 with original entries largely rewritten

Number of People : 100


Krause, Ernst (editor)
Opern Sanger : 48 Portrats aus der Welt des Musiktheaters.
2nd ed.
Berlin: Henschelverlag, 1965.161, [5] p.
       48 portraits.

Number of People : 54


Krause, Ernst (editor)
Opera Sanger : 44 Portrats aus der Welt des Musiktheaters
Berlin: Henschelverlag, 1963.152 p.
       44 portraits.
       Note: Singers who have starred in the opera houses of the German Democratic Republic

Number of People : 44


Finck, Henry Theophilus
My Adventures in the Golden Age of Music
New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1926.
1971. xvi, 462 p.
       31 illus.
       Note: Autobiography of the New York Evening Post critic. Very brief evaluations of twenty-five singers

Number of People : 25

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