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Van Zandt, Marie


 Tscherinoff, Marie  aft


born: 1858 Source: 1  

died: 1918 Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 12 items with information about Marie Van Zandt:


Boyd, Charles N.
Pratt, Waldo Selden
Grove's dictionary of music and musicians. American supplement ...
Edited by Waldo S. Pratt. Associate editor: Charles N. Boyd.
New York: 1920

Number of People : 1,335


Baltzell, Winton J.
Baltzell's dictionary of musicians ...
Boston, MA: 1911

Number of People : 748


Herringshaw, Thomas W.
Herringshaw's national library of American biography, etc ...
Chicago: 1909-14, 5 vols.

Number of People : 683


Who's who in America.
A biographical dictionary of notable living men and women of the United States.1908-1909 ...
Chicago: 1908-09

Number of People : 387


Smith, Benjamin E.
The century cyclopedia of names a pronouncing and etymological dictionary of names in geography, biography ...
Edited by Benjamin E. Smith.
New York: 1904

Number of People : 45


Leonard, John William
Who's who in America.
A biographical dictionary of living men and women of the United States. 1899-1900 ...
Edited by John W. Leonard.
Chicago: 1899-1900.

Number of People : 184


Willard, Frances E.
Livermore, Mary A.
A woman of the century ... biographical sketches, accompanied by portraits, of leading American women in all walks of life ...
Buffalo [NY]: 1893

Number of People : 109


Hanslick, Eduard
Tagebuch eines Musikers
Berlin: Allgemeiner Verein fur deutsche Litteratur, 1892.360 p.

Number of People : 10


Mathews, William Smith Babcock (editor)
A hundred years of music in America.
An account of musical effort in America ...
Chicago: 1889

Number of People : 470


Stephens, Robert N.
Queens of Sang.
Troy: Nims and Knight, n.d. [1889]. unpaginated.

Number of People : 10

Descriptive note

 1888 Source: 1

Fiske, John
Wilson, James Grant
Appletons' cyclopaedia of American biography ...
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John a Fiske.
New York: 1888, 87, 6 vols.

Number of People : 207


Jones, J.A.
Bunhill memorials. Sacred reminiscences of ... ministers and other persons of note who are buried in Bunhill Fields ...
London: 1849

Number of People : 60

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