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Mandel, Alan Roger

piano, musicologist

born: 17 Jul 1935 New York / city, USA Source: 1  


20 Apr 1965 unknown Source: 2  
11 Jan 1967 Washington, D.C., USA Source: 2  
23 Mar 1968 New York / city, USA Source: 2  
23 Apr 1968 Washington, D.C., USA Source: 2  

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Cummings, David M.
McIntire, Dennis K.
International who's who in music and musician's directory
(in the classical and light classical fields)
Twelfth edition 1990/91
Consultant editors David M. Cummings; Dennis K. McIntire
Cambridge, England: International Who's Who in Music, 1991

Number of People : 8,178


Wilson, Lyle G.
A dictionary of pianists
London: Robert Hale, 1985

Number of People : 2,597

 1983 Source: 1

Press, Jaques Cattell
Who's who in American music : classical
First edition
Edited by Jaques Cattell Press
New York: R. R. Bowker, 1983

Number of People : 6,738

 1982 Source: 2

Kehler, George
The piano in concert
Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1982, 1431 p.

Number of People : 2,682


Charles Ives Centennial Festival-conference
Sponsored by Institute for Studies in American Music, Brooklyn College, City University of New York and School of Music Yale University
New York: 1974, 96 p.

Number of People : 65

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