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Seydler, Philip

flute, instrument maker

born: 01 Oct 1764 Stettin, Pommern now Szczecin, Poland Source: 1  

died: 29 Nov 1819 Budapest, Hungary Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 3 items with information about Philip Seydler:

 1993 Source: 1

Waterhouse, William
The new Langwill index
A dictionary of musical wind-instrument makers and inventors
1st. edition
London: Tony Bingham, 1993, xxxvii, 518 p. : ill.

Number of People : 6,435



p. 93-300 In:
Moller, Dorthe Falcon
Danske instrumentbyggere 1770-1850
En erhvervshistorisk og biogfafisk fremstilling
Kobenhavn: G.E.C. Gad, 1983

Number of People : 94


Rudolph, Moritz
Rigaer Theater- und Tonkunstler-Lexikon ...
Nebst Geschichte des Rigaer Theaters und der Musikatischen Gesellschaft ...
Herausgegeben von Moritz Rudolph.
Riga: 1890

Number of People : 2,013

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