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Smith, Leo

trumpeter, composer

born: 18 Dec 1941 Leland, Mississippi / state, USA Source: 1  

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African American composers

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Horne, Aaron
Baker, David N.
Brass music of black composers : a bibliography
Compiled by Aaron Horne
Foreword by David N. Baker
Westport: Greenwood Press, 1996

Number of People : 262


White, Nick
Lock, Graham
Chasing the vibration : meetings with creative musicians
Graham Lock with photographs by Nick White
Exeter, England: Stride Publications, 1994, 192 p.

Number of People : 20


Larkin, Colin
The Guinness encyclopedia of popular music
Edited by Colin Larkin
Enfield, Middlesex: Guinness Publishing, 1992, 4V p.

Number of People : 5,680

More Details : (1 Section)


Kernfeld, Barry Dean
The new Grove dictionary of jazz
Edited by Barry Kernfeld
London: Macmillan Press, 1988

Number of People : 3,377


Suppan, Wolfgang
Lexikon des Blasmusikwesens
3. Auflage des Lexikons des Blasmusikwesens
Herausgegeben in Verbindung mit dem Bund Deutscher Blasmusikverbande
Freiburg-Tiengen: Blasmusikverlag Schulz, 1988, 386 p.

Number of People : 2,925

 1981 Source: 1

Southern, Eileen
Biographical dictionary of Afro-American and African musicians
Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1981, 478 p.

Number of People : 1,184


Palmer, Robert
Leo Smith's Avant-Garde Delta Blues.
Rolling Stone no. 26 (10 July 1980):26.

Number of People : 1


Fossati, Furio
Mannucci, Michele
I grandi della musica jazz
Milan: Longanesi & C., 1979

Number of People : 99


McCarthy, Sean
Leo Smith. A biographical sketch.
Toronto: Toronto Univ. Press
London: Oxford Univ. Press 1957. IX, 53 S.

Number of People : 1

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