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Bannister, Elizabeth


 Harper, Elizabeth  birth name


born: circa 1757 Source: 1  

died: 1849 Source: 1  

active: 1778-1792 London, England Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 2 items with information about Elizabeth Bannister:

 1994 Source: 1

English Opera : the Minor (Female) Singers

p. 662 In:
Fenner, Theodore
Opera in London : views of the press 1785-1830
Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press, 1994, 788 p.

Number of People : 23


The Singers

Appendix G In:
Fiske, Roger
English theatre music in the eighteenth century
Second edition
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986, 684 p.

Number of People : 39

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