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Korngold, George W.

music editor, record producer

born: 1928 Source: 1,2  

died: 25 Nov 1987 Los Angeles, California / state, USA Source: 1,2  

active from: 1939 United States Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 3 items with information about George W. Korngold:


Lexikon osterreichischer Musikerinnen und Musiker im Exil

p. 225 In:
Pass, Walter
Scheit, Gerhard
Svoboda, Wilhelm
Orpheus im Exil
Die Vertreibung der osterreichischen Musik von 1938 bis 1945
[von] Walter Pass, Gerhard Scheit, Wilhelm Svoboda
Wien: Verlag fur Gesellschaftskritik, 1995, 409 p.

Number of People : 245

 1989 Source: 2

Obituary index : supplement to the 1987 obituary index
Notes (Music Library Association), 1989, p. 728

Number of People : 95

 1988 Source: 1

Fry, Stephen M.
California's musical wealth : sources for the study of music in California: papers presented at the Joint Conference of the Northern and Southern California chapters of the music library association
Compiled and edited by Stephen M. Fry
Southern California Chapter Music Library Association, 1988, 130 p.

Number of People : 105

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