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born: 25 Oct 1971 Osaka, Japan Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 3 items with information about Midori:

 1994 Source: 1

Schmidt, Felix
Hat man Tone? : Portraits bedeutender Musiker unserer Zeit
Munich: Kindler, 1994, 456 p.

Number of People : 27


Blanc, Michael la
Contemporary musicians volume 7
Edited by Michael LaBlanc
Detroit, Michigan: Gale Research, 1992, 291 p.

Number of People : 62


Rich, Alan
Arkatov, James
Slonimsky, Nicolas
Stern, Isaac
Masters of music : great artists of work
Text by Alan Rich
Preface by Nicolas Slonimsky
Foreword by Isaac Stern
Photographs by James Arkatov
Santa Barbara, California: Capra Press, 1990, 200 p.

Number of People : 88

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