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McIntyre, Philip

organ, choral director, church musician

born: 1951 Portsmouth, Virginia / state, USA Source: 1,2  

died: 21 Mar 1991 Washington, D.C., USA Source: 1,2  

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White, Evelyn Davidson
Choral music by African American composers
A selected, annotated bibliography
Second edition
Compiled by Evelyn Davidson White
Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1996, 226 p.

Number of People : 99

 1992 Source: 2

[Obituary index]
Notes (Music Library Association), 1992

Number of People : 64

 1992 Source: 1

[minor article]

The above item is part of :
Roach, Hildred
Black American music : past and present
Second edition
Malabar, Florida: Krieger Publishing Company, 1992, 3668 p.

Number of People : 216

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