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Proust, Marcel
Note: Variety obit is for housekeeper to (Celeste Albaret) (Source: 1)


born: 1871 Source: 2  

died: 1922 Source: 2  

date of Variety obit: 09 May 1984 (see note above)  

active: 19th century Douai, France  
active: St. Cyr, France  

The Music Sack has 5 items with information about Marcel Proust:


Index Nominorum

p. 823-829 In:
Piejus, Anne
Le theatre des demoiselles : tragedie et musique a Saint-Cyr a la fin du grand siecle
Publie avec lw soutien du Ministere de laCulture, ...
Paris: Societe Francaise de Musicologie, 2000, 829 p.

Number of People : 330


Index des Noms

p. 227-231 In:
Gosselin, Guy
L'age d'or de la vie musicale a Douai 1800-1850
Liege: Editones Mardaga, 1994, 236 ES p.

Number of People : 470


Indice Dei Nomi

p. 337-341 In:
Paliotti, Vittorio
Storia della canzone napoletana
Roma: Netwon Compton editori, 1992, 343 p.

Number of People : 445

 1984 Source: 2

Hodson, Phillip
Who's who in Wagner
An a to Z look at his life and work
New York: Macmillan, 1984, 182 p.

Number of People : 310

 1980 Source: 1


The above item is part of :
Perry, Jeb H.
Variety obits. An index to obituaries in Variety, 1905-1978
Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1980, 311 p.

Number of People : 101,729

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