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Ravina, Menashe


 Rabinovitz, Menashe  

musicologist, critic

born: 1899 Pereyaslavl, Russia Source: 1  

born: 1899 Ukraine Source: 2  

died: 1968 Source: 2  

The Music Sack has 4 items with information about Menashe Ravina:

 1975 Source: 2

Nulman, Macy
Concise encyclopedia of jewish music
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1975, 276 p.

Number of People : 145

 1965 Source: 1

Ravina, Menashe
Skolsky, Shlomo
Who is who in ACUM : authors, composers and music publishers, biographical notes and principal works
Compiled and edited by Menashe Ravina and Shlomo Skolsky
Acum Ltd., Societe d'Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique en Israel, 1965, 95 p.

Number of People : 657

More Details : (1 Section)


Israeli composers : alphabetical list and catalogue of their principal works

p. 133 In:
Gradenwitz, Peter
Music and musicians in Israel
A comprehensive guide to modern Israeli music
Tel Aviv: Israeli Music Publications, 1959, 226 p.

Number of People : 135


Israeli musicologists

p. 713 In:
Saleski, Gdal
Famous musicians of Jewish origin
New York: Bloch Publishing Company, 1949, 716 p.

Number of People : 5

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