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Cunkle, Frank

composer, organ, editor

born: 17 Jun 1905 Fort Smith, Arkansas / state, USA Source: 1  

died: 04 Feb 1986 Chula Vista, California / state, USA Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 4 items with information about Frank Cunkle:

 1987 Source: 1

Index to music necrology : 1986 necrology
Notes (Music Library Association), 1987, p. 770

Number of People : 126


Press, Jaques Cattell
ASCAP biographical dictionary of composers, authors and publishers
Fourth edition
Compiled for the American Society of Composers, Authors and publishers by Jaques Cattell Press
New York: R. R. Bowker, 1980, 589 p.

Number of People : 8,161


Wienandt, Elwyn A.
Opinions on church music
Waco, Texas: Markham Press Fund of Baylor University Press, 1974

Number of People : 40


Student compositions performed 1927-1964

p. 44 In:
American Composers' Concerts and Festivals of American Music 1925-71; cumulative repertoire
Institute of American Music of the University of Rochester
Rochester, NY: 1972, 75 p.

Number of People : 433

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