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Huttner, Johann Nepomunk


born: 01 Jan 1793 Graz, Austria Source: 1  

died: 01 Mar 1839 Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 3 items with information about Johann Nepomunk Huttner:


Malusi, Lauro
Il violoncello
Padova: Edizioni G. Zanibon, 1973, 202 p.

Number of People : 301

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Straeten, Edmund Sebastian Joseph van der
History of the violoncello, the viol da gamba
Their precursors and collateral instruments.
With biographies of all the most eminent players of every country
London: William Reeves, 1915

Number of People : 1,669

 1894 Source: 1

Wasielewski, Wilhelm Joseph von
The violoncello and its history
Novello, Ewer, 1894

Number of People : 330

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