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Hold, Trevor James


born: 21 Sep 1939 Northampton, Northamptonshire / county, England Source: 1  

born: 21 Sep 1939 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire / county, England Source: 2  

The Music Sack has 5 items with information about Trevor James Hold:

 1991 Source: 1

Cummings, David M.
McIntire, Dennis K.
International who's who in music and musician's directory
(in the classical and light classical fields)
Twelfth edition 1990/91
Consultant editors David M. Cummings; Dennis K. McIntire
Cambridge, England: International Who's Who in Music, 1991

Number of People : 8,178


Grove, George / Sir
British opera in retrospect. A project to encourage the performance of British operas
Sponsored and organised by the British Music Society for European music year, 1985
Opera Project Management Committee, 1986, 149 p.

Number of People : 184


Foreman, Lewis
British music now
London: Paul Elek, 1975

Number of People : 94


Biographies of composers

p. 58 In:
Smith, Robert
Sixth catalogue of contemporary Welsh music
Compiled by Robert Smith
Guild for the Promotion of Welsh, 1975, 63 p.

Number of People : 90

 1972 Source: 2

Smith, Robert
A complete catalogue of contemporary Welsh music (no. 5)
Compiled by Robert Smith

Number of People : 74

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