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McReynolds, Jesse

mandolin, singer

born: 29 Jul 1929 Coeburn, Virginia / state, USA Source: 1  

born: 09 Jul 1929 Source: 2,3,4  

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[listed as a member of a group]

The above item is part of :
The comprehensive country music encyclopedia : From the editors of Country Music Magazine
Random House, 1994, 445 p.

Number of People : 178


Bourgoin, Suzanne M.
Contemporary musicians volume 12
Edited by Suzanne M. Bourgoin
Detroit, Michigan: Gale Research, 1994, 326 p.

Number of People : 57


Gregory, Hugh
Who's who in country music
London: Weidenfield and Nicolson, 1993, 262 p.

Number of People : 662


[listed as a member of a group]

The above item is part of :
Larkin, Colin
The Guinness encyclopedia of popular music
Edited by Colin Larkin
Enfield, Middlesex: Guinness Publishing, 1992, 4V p.

Number of People : 12,552


Patterson, Daniel W.
Sounds of the south
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, 1991, 219 p.

Number of People : 49


Clarke, Donald
The Penguin encyclopedia of popular music
Edited by Donald Clarke
London: Viking, 1989, 1378 p.

Number of People : 4,498


Scruggs, Earl
Kochman, Marilyn
The big book of bluegrass
Edited by Marilyn Kochman
Foreword by Earl Scruggs
New York: Quill, 1984, 277 p.

Number of People : 36

 1977 Source: 2

Dellar, Fred
Thompson, Roy
The illustrated encyclopedia of country music
By Fred Dellar and Roy Thompson
London: Salamader Books, 1977, 256 p.

Number of People : 537


Claghorn, Charles Eugene
Biographical dictionary of American music
West Nyack, N.Y.: Parker Pub. Co., 1974, 491 p.

Number of People : 3,156

 1969 Source: 1

Stambler, Irwin
Landon, Grelum
Encyclopedia of folk, country and western music
By Irwin Stambler and Grelun Landon
London: St. Martin's Press, 1969, 396 p.

Number of People : 444

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