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Tardieu de Malleville, Charlotte


 Malleville, Charlotte Tardieu   de (Source: 1,3)
 Malleville, Charlotte d'Arpentigny  

piano, composer

born: 1830 Source: 4  

died: 29 May 1890 Paris, France Source: 3  
died: ------- 1890 Source: 4  

The Music Sack has 4 items with information about Charlotte Tardieu de Malleville:


Virtuoses et Formations Etrangeres

p. 211 In:
Lesure, Francois
Fauquet, Joel-Marie
Les societes de musique de chambre a Paris de la restauration a 1870
Preface de Francois Lesure
Paris: Aux Amateurs de Livres, 1986, 448 p.

Number of People : 34

 1981 Source: 1

Cohen, Aaron I.
International encyclopedia of women composers : classical and serious music
New York: R. R. Bowker, 1981, 597 p.

Number of People : 3,480


Elson, Arthur
Woman's work in music. Being an account of her influence on the arts, in ancient as well as modern times.
A summary of her musical compositions, in the different countries of the civilized world. And an estimate of their rank in comparison with those of man.
By Arthur Elson author of "A Critical History of Opera"
Boston: L. C. Page, 1903

Number of People : 307

 1891 Source: 3

Lustner, Karl
Totenliste des Jahres 1890 die Musik betreffend
Monatshefte fur Musikgeschichte, 1891, p. 165

Number of People : 260

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