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Rensburg, Jacques E.


born: 22 May 1846 Rotterdam, Netherlands Source: 1  

born: 1846 Rotterdam, Netherlands Source: 2  

died: 1900 Bonn, Germany Source: 1  
died: 00 Dec 1910 Bonn, Germany Source: 2  

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Baker, Theodore
Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians
Fourth edition revised and enlarged
New York: G. Schirmer, 1940

Number of People : 6,835

 1919 Source: 1

Remy, Alfred
Baker, Theodore
Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians
Third edition
Revised and enlarged by Alfred Remy, M.A.
New York: G. Schirmer, 1919, 1094 p.

Number of People : 7,067


Straeten, Edmund Sebastian Joseph van der
History of the violoncello, the viol da gamba
Their precursors and collateral instruments.
With biographies of all the most eminent players of every country
London: William Reeves, 1915

Number of People : 1,669

 1913 Source: 2

Letzer, J.H.
Muzikaal Nederland. 1850-1910. Bio-bibliographisch woordenboek van Nederlandsche toonkunstenaars en toonkunstenaressen
Alsmede van schrijvers en schrijfsters op muziek-literarisch gebied
2. uitgaaf met aanvullingen en verbeteringen.
Utrecht: J. L. Beijers, 1913

Number of People : 868

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Wasielewski, Wilhelm Joseph von
The violoncello and its history
Novello, Ewer, 1894

Number of People : 330

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