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Eichhorn, Hermene Warlick


 Eichhorn, George C.   / Mrs.
 Warlick, Hermene  birth name

choir master, composer

born: 03 Apr 1906 Hickory, North Carolina / state, USA Source: 1  

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Claghorn, Charles Eugene
Women composers and songwriters.
A concise biographical dictionary
Lanham, Md: Scarecrow Press, 1996, 247 p.

Number of People : 994

 1981 Source: 1

Cohen, Aaron I.
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Number of People : 3,480


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Fourth edition
Compiled for the American Society of Composers, Authors and publishers by Jaques Cattell Press
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Number of People : 8,161


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Number of People : 42

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Eichhorn, H.W.
North Carolina composers, as represented in the holograph collectino of the library of the woman's college
Greensboro, NC: Women's College of the University of North Carolina, 1945

Number of People : 15

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