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Rich, Thaddeus

violin, conductor, musician, educator, concertmaster

The Curtis Institute - role : assistant conductor of orchestra

born: 21 Mar 1885 Indianapolis, Indiana / state, USA Source: 1,2  

died: 26 Apr 1969 Hartford, Connecticut / state, USA Source: 1,2  

active: Baltimore, Maryland / state, USA  

Philadelphia Orchestra: member: 1906-1926 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / state, USA  
Philadelphia Orchestra: member: 1906-1926 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / state, USA  

The Curtis Institute (faculty): 1925-1926 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / state, USA  

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Philadelphia Orchestra Members

The above item is part of :
Ardoin, John
The Philadelphia Orchestra : a century of music
Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1999, 256 p.

Number of People : 861



p. 313-343 In:
Keefer, Lubov Breit
Baltimore's music
The haven of the American composer
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The Curtis Institute of Music Faculty, 1924-1974

[unnumberered] In:
The Curtis Institute of Music. Fiftieth anniversary issue.
Overtones, volume XI, number 1, October 1, 1974

Number of People : 266

 1970 Source: 2

Index to music necrology : 1969 necrology
Notes (Music Library Association), 1970, p. 721

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Bio-bibliographical index of musicians in the United States of America since colonial times
Prepared by the District of Columbia Historical Records Survey Division of Community Service Programs Works project Administration
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Who is who in music
1941 edition
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Concert Life in New York 1902-1923
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Music and musicians of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia: Theodore Presser, 1940

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Gerson, Robert A.
Music in Philadelphia
Philadelphia: 1940
       Note: A dissertation in music presented to the faculty of the graduate school of the University of Pennsylvania in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy

Number of People : 232

 1931 Source: 1

Key, Pierre V.R.
Pierre Key's musical who's who
A biographical survey of contemporary musicians
Edited by Pierre V.R. Key; editor Musical Digest and ...
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More Details : (1 Section)


Spaeth, Sigmund
Who is who in music
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p. 389 In:
Pierre Key's music year book 1926-27
New York: Pierre Key, 1926, 519 p.

Number of People : 89


Some of the principal players of the various sections of the Philadelphia Orchestra

p. 228-231 In:
Wister, Frances Anne
Twenty-five years of the Philadelphia orchestra (1900-25)
Freeport, NY: Books For Libraries Press, 1925, 253 p.

Number of People : 18


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Grove's dictionary of music and musicians. American supplement ...
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Number of People : 1,335

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