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Massicotte, Edouard-Zotique


 Blondel, Edouard-Zotique  pseudonym
 Cabrette, Edouard-Zotique  pseudonym
 Mistigri, Edouard-Zotique  pseudonym

folklorist, historian, archivist, poet, dramatist, botanist

born: 24 Dec 1867 Montreal, Quebec / province, Canada Source: 1  

died: 08 Nov 1947 Montreal, Quebec / province, Canada Source: 1  

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Giroux, Robert
Havard, Constance
Laplame, Rock
Le guide de la chanson quebecoise
[by] Robert Giroux avec la collaboration de Constance Havard et Rock LaPlame
Paris: Syros Alternatives, 1991, 179 p.

Number of People : 198

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 1981 Source: 1

Willia, Stephen C.
Toomey, Kathleen M.
Musicians in Canada
A bio-bibliographical finding list
Edited by Kathleen M. Toomey & Stephen C. Williams
Ottawa: Canadian Association of Music Libraries, 1981, 185 p.

Number of People : 3,053


Kallmann, Hellmuth
Potvin, Gilles
Winters, Kenneth
Encyclopedia of music in Canada
Edited by Hellmut Kallman, Gilles Potvin, Kenneth Winters
Toronto: University of Toronto, 1981, 1076 p.

Number of People : 2,193


Waiter, Arnold
Aspects of Music in Canada.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1969

Number of People : 475


Kallmann, H.A.
History of Music in Canada, 1534-1974.
Toronto: Toronto University Press, 1960

Number of People : 307


Encyclopedia Canadiana
Ottawa: Canadiana Co., 1957-1958

Number of People : 65


Encyclopedie Grolier.
Montreal: Societe Grolier, 1947

Number of People : 28


Dictionnaire biographique des musiciens canadiens
Lachine, P.Q.: Mont-Sainte-Anne, 1935, 299 p.

Number of People : 376


Morgan, Henry James
Canadian Men and Women of the Time
Toronto: W. Briggs, 1912

Number of People : 112

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