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Lyle, James


 Lely, Durward   (Source: 2,3,4)
 Lyall, James Durward  


born: 02 Sep 1852 Arbroath, Scotland Source: 2  

born: 1857 Arbroath, Scotland Source: 1  

died: 29 Feb 1944 Glasgow, Scotland Source: 2  

The Music Sack has 7 items with information about James Lyle:


Obituary October 1943 to March 1946

p. 348 In:
Hinrichsen, Max
Hill, Ralph
Hinrichsen's musical year book 1945-46
Edited by Ralph Hill and Max Hinrichsen
London: Hinrichsen Editions, 1946, 404 p.

Number of People : 25


Campbell, Margaret
Music in Dunedin.
An historical acount of Dunedin's musicians and musical societies from the founding of the province in 1848
By Margaret Campbell
Dunedin, New Zealand: Charles Begg & Co., 1945, 105 p.

Number of People : 92


Musical Times, 1944

Number of People : 33


Mr. Durward Lely.
The Era (May 28, 1898): 11

Number of People : 2

 1897 Source: 1

Stratton, Stephen Samuel
Brown, James D.
British musical biography.
A dictionary of musical artists, authors and composers born in Britain and its colonies.
By James D. Brown and Stephen S. Stratton
Birmingham: S.S. Stratton, 1897, 462 p.

Number of People : 4,164


Musical Scotland

p. 1-206 In:
Baptie, David
Musical Scotland past and present. Being a dictionary of Scottish musicians from about 1400 till the present time
To which is added a bibliography of musical publications connected with Scotland from 1611
Compiled and edited by David Baptie
Paisley, Scotland: J. and R. Parlane, 1894, 219 p.

Number of People : 1,290


[no title]
Musical Herald 1891

Number of People : 26

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