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Jones, Hirwen


born: 09 Mar 1857 Cardigan, Wales Source: 1  

born: - Twyside Valley, Wales Source: 2  
born: - Tivy Side, Cardiganshire / county, Wales Source: 3  

The Music Sack has 8 items with information about Hirwen Jones:


Riemens, Leo
Kutsch, Karl J.
Grosses Sangerlexikon
Bern: Francke, 1987, 3452 columns in two volumes p.

Number of People : 6,910

 1948 Source: 2

Smith, J. Sutcliffe
Impressions of music in Wales
Penmaenmawr, Wales: Venture Press, 1948

Number of People : 119


Bauer, Roberto
The new catalogue of historical records 1898-1908/09
London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1947, 494 p.

Number of People : 1,232

 1897 Source: 1

Stratton, Stephen Samuel
Brown, James D.
British musical biography.
A dictionary of musical artists, authors and composers born in Britain and its colonies.
By James D. Brown and Stephen S. Stratton
Birmingham: S.S. Stratton, 1897, 462 p.

Number of People : 4,164


Griffith, Frederic
Notable Welsh musicians (of today), with portraits, biographies : And a preface on the condition of music in Wales at the present time
Edited by Frederic Griffith, A.R.A.M.
London: Francis Goodwen, 1896, 204 p.

Number of People : 84


Griffith, F.
Notable Welsh musicians ...
2nd ed.
London: 1896

Number of People : 42


Warriner, John
Bennett, Joseph
National portrait gallery of British musicians
With an introduction by Joseph Bennett
London: S. Low, Marston, 1896, 75 p.

Number of People : 514


[no title]
Musical Herald 1893

Number of People : 26

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