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Dykes, John St. Oswald

composer, piano

born: 27 Oct 1863 Durham, Durham / county, England Source: 1  

died: 31 Jan 1948 Kensington, London, England Source: 1  

The Music Sack has 4 items with information about John St. Oswald Dykes:


Hayden, Andrew
British hymn writers and composers
A check-list
Croydon, England: Hymn Society of Great Britain & Ireland, 1977

Number of People : 2,118


Obituary : January-December, 1948

p. 411 In:
Pine, L.G.
Who's who in music
First post-war edition (1949-50)
London: Shaw Publishing, 1950, 419 p.

Number of People : 83


Obituary May, 1947 to June, 1948

p. 30 In:
Hinrichsen, Max
Hinrichsen's musical year book
Edited by Max Hinrichsen
Vol. VI: 1949-50
London: Hinrichsen Editions, 1950, 416 p.

Number of People : 65

 1897 Source: 1

Stratton, Stephen Samuel
Brown, James D.
British musical biography.
A dictionary of musical artists, authors and composers born in Britain and its colonies.
By James D. Brown and Stephen S. Stratton
Birmingham: S.S. Stratton, 1897, 462 p.

Number of People : 4,164

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