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Clifton, Harry


 Clifton, Henry [Robert Harry Clifton]   (Source: 1,2)

buffo vocalist, composer, comic singer

born: circa 1831 Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire / county, England Source: 1  

born: circa 1831 Source: 2  
born: 1824 Source: 3  

died: 15 Jul 1872 Hammersmith, London, England Source: 1  
died: 30 Jul 1872 London, England Source: 2  
died: ------- 1872 Source: 3  

The Music Sack has 9 items with information about Harry Clifton:


Mirchenson, Joe
Mander, Raymond
British music hall
Raymond Mander and Joe Mirchenson
London: Gentry Books, 1974

Number of People : 178


Gammond, Peter
Your own, your very own! a music hall scrapbook
London: Ian Allen, 1971

Number of People : 60


Glossary of bandied names

p. 173 In:
Gammond, Peter
One man's music
London: Wolfe Publishing, 1971, 221 p.

Number of People : 44


Beerbohm, Max
Booth, J.B.
Seventy years of song
Edited by J.B. Booth
Foreword by Max Beerbohm
London: 1944, 80 p.

Number of People : 7

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Featured songs of early American family entertainers

p. 354 In:
Marks, Edward B.
They all had glamour : From the Swedish nightingale to the naked lady
New York: Julian Messner, Inc., 1944

Number of People : 14

 1941 Source: 3

Bio-bibliographical index of musicians in the United States of America since colonial times
Prepared by the District of Columbia Historical Records Survey Division of Community Service Programs Works project Administration
Washington, DC: 1941, 439 p.

Number of People : 10,576

 1897 Source: 1

Stratton, Stephen Samuel
Brown, James D.
British musical biography.
A dictionary of musical artists, authors and composers born in Britain and its colonies.
By James D. Brown and Stephen S. Stratton
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Number of People : 4,164


Musical Scotland

p. 1-206 In:
Baptie, David
Musical Scotland past and present. Being a dictionary of Scottish musicians from about 1400 till the present time
To which is added a bibliography of musical publications connected with Scotland from 1611
Compiled and edited by David Baptie
Paisley, Scotland: J. and R. Parlane, 1894, 219 p.

Number of People : 1,290


Boase, Frederic
Modern English biography ...
Truro: 1892-1921, 6 vols.

Number of People : 934

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