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Ono, Yoko

composer, librettist, lyricist, rock singer, songwriter

born: 18 Feb 1933 Tokyo, Japan Source: 1  

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p. 482-514 In:
Rauhaut, Birgit
Rauhut, Michael
Amiga : die Diskographie aller Rock- und Pop-Produktionen 1964-1990; mit uber 1500 teilweise farbigen Abbildungen
Berlin: Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, 1999, 575 p.

Number of People : 3,286



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Larkin, Colin
The encyclopedia of popular music
Third edition
New York: Macmillan, 1998, 8 v.

Number of People : 43,747


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The above item is part of :
Bloom, Ken
American song
The complete musical theater companion: 1877-1995. Volume 2: T-Z and indexes
Second edition
New York: Schirmer Books, 1996, 2093 p.

Number of People : 24,881


Claghorn, Charles Eugene
Women composers and songwriters.
A concise biographical dictionary
Lanham, Md: Scarecrow Press, 1996, 247 p.

Number of People : 994


O'Brien, Karen
Hymn to her : women musicians talk
London: Virago Press, 1995, 241 p.

Number of People : 15


Rubiner, Julia M.
Contemporary musicians volume 11
Edited by Julia M. Rubiner
Detroit, Michigan: Gale Research, 1994, 316 p.

Number of People : 62


Ono, Yoko
Gaar, Gillian G.
She's a rebel
The history of women in rock & roll
Preface by Yoko Ono
London: Blandford, 1993, 467 p.

Number of People : 65


Larkin, Colin
The Guinness encyclopedia of popular music
Edited by Colin Larkin
Enfield, Middlesex: Guinness Publishing, 1992, 4V p.

Number of People : 5,680

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Sparrer, Walter-Wolfgang
Heister, Hanns-Werner
Komponisten der Gegenwart
Edition Text+Kritik
Herausgegeben von Hanns-Werner Heister und Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer

Number of People : 466


Haskell, Barbara
Hanhardt, John G.
Yoko Ono : Arias and Objects.
Layton, UT: Peregrine Smith Books, 1992

Number of People : 1

 1989 Source: 1

Clarke, Donald
The Penguin encyclopedia of popular music
Edited by Donald Clarke
London: Viking, 1989, 1378 p.

Number of People : 4,498


Johnson, Tom
The voice of new music; New York City 1972-1982.
A collection of articles originally published in the Village Voice
Eindhoven, Netherlands: Het Apollohuis, 1989, 543 p.

Number of People : 98


Hopkins, Jerry
Yoko Ono
New York: Macmillan, 1986

Number of People : 1


Sadie, Stanley
Hitchcock, H. Wiley
The new Grove dictionary of American music
edited by H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie
New York, N.Y. : Grove's Dictionaries of Music, 1986. 4 v.

Number of People : 3,993


Electronic Music by Indivdual Artists and Groups

p. 182 In:
Holmes, Thomas B.
Electronic and experimental music
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1985, 278 p.

Number of People : 44


McCabe, Peter
Schonfeld, Robert D.
John Lennon : For the Record
New York: Bantam, 1984

Number of People : 1


Hedin, Osten
Kvinnor i rockhistorien : biografiska och discografisca data om nagra av de mest betydande kvinnliga artisterna och grupperna fran Etta James till Belle Stars.
Stockholm: 1984, 109 p.

Number of People : 133


Edwards, Henry
Pang, May
Loving John
New York: Warner Books, 1983

Number of People : 1


Ono, Yoko
John Lennon : Summer of 1980
New York: Perigee, 1983

Number of People : 1


Norman, Philip
The road goes on for ever : portraits from a journey through contemporary music
London: Elm Tree Books, 1982, 206 p.

Number of People : 22


Norman, Philip
The road goes on for ever : portraits from a journey through contemporary music
London: Elm Tree Books, 1982, 206 p.

Number of People : 35

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Cott, Jonathan
Doudna, Christine
The Ballad of John and Yoko.
Edited by Jonathan Cott and Christine Doudna.
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1982
      (Series: A Rolling Stone Press Book)

Number of People : 1


Harry, Bill
The Beatles who's who
New York: Putnam Publishing Group, 1982, 192 p.

Number of People : 266


Cott, Jonathan
The ballad of John and Yoko
New York: Doubleday, 1982

Number of People : 2


Rowlands, John
Spotlight heroes : two decades of rock and roll superstars as seen through the camera of John Rowlands
New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1981, 143 p.

Number of People : 134


Search for Liberation : Featuring a Conversation Between John Lennon and Swami Bhaktivedanta: Lennon '69.
Los Angeles: Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 1981

Number of People : 1


Levin, Robert D.
Rivelli, Pauline
Levin, Robert
Giants of rock music
Edited by Pauline Rivelli and Robert Levin
New York: Da Capo Paperback, 1981, 125 p.

Number of People : 6


Peebles, Andy
The Lennon Tapes : John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Conversation with Andy Peebles, 6 December 1980
London: BBC, 1981

Number of People : 1


Sheff, David
Golson, G. Barry
The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Edited by G. Barry Golson
New York: Playboy Press, 1981

Number of People : 1


Robijns, Jozef
Zijlstra, Miep
Algemene muziek enciclopedie
hoofdred., J. Robijns en Miep Zijlstra
Haarlem: De Haan, [1979]-1984

Number of People : 16,262


Stambler, Irwin
Encyclopedia of pop, rock and soul
By Irwin Stambler
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1974, 609 p.

Number of People : 1,359


Bob Grun

p. 67 In:
Hirsch, Abby
Delmerico, George
The photography of rock
Edited by Abby Hirsch
Designed by George Delmerico
Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1972, no pagination p.

Number of People : 14


Ono, Yoko
This is Not Here.
Syracuse, NY: Everson Museum, 1971

Number of People : 1


Lennon, John
Ono, Yoko
Grapefruit : a Book of Instructions.
Introduction by John Lennon.
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1970
       Originally pub. in 1964 as a limited ed. of 500 copies by Wuntemaum Pr. of Tokyo

Number of People : 1


Ono, Yoko
Yoko at Indica : Unfinished Paintings and Objects by Yoko Ono
London: Indica Gallery, 1966

Number of People : 1

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