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Silvani, Francesco


 Valsini, F.  

librettist, librettista

born: 1660 Venezia, Italy Source: 1  

died: 1st half 18th century Source: 1  

active: Napoli, Italy  

perf: 1748-1749 Pistoia, Italy  

The Music Sack has 7 items with information about Francesco Silvani:


Index of Librettists and Translators

p. 255-260 In:
Fanelli, Jean Grundy
A chronology of operas, oratorios, operettas, cantatas and misellaneous stage works with music performed in Pistoia 1606-1943
Bologna: Edizioni Pendragon, 1998, 301 p.

Number of People : 355


Indice Dei Nomi

The above item is part of :
Ziino, Agostino
d'Alessandro, Domenico Antonio
La musica a Napoli durante il seicento.
A cura di Domenico Antonio D'Alessandro e Agostino Ziino
Roma: Edizioni Torre d'Orfeo, 1987, 730 p.
       Note: Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Studi Napoli, 11-14 aprile 1985

Number of People : 2,125


Formal Elements of the Change

Chapter III In:
Freeman, Robert S.
Opera without drama : currents of change in Italian opear, 1675-1725
Ann Arbor: UMI Research, 1981, 347 p.

Number of People : 9

 1980 Source: 1

Sadie, Stanley
The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
London: Macmillan, 1980

Number of People : 20,506


Stieger, Franz
Teil III: Librettisten
Tutzing: Hans Schneider, 1977

Number of People : 11,863


Schmidl, Carlo
Dizionario universale dei musicisti : Supplemento
Milan: Sonzogno, 1938, 806 p.

Number of People : 9,140


Schmidl, Carlo
Dizionario universale dei musicisti
Milan: Sonzogno, 1937, 2V p.

Number of People : 11,317

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