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Cuzzoni, Francesca


 Sandoni  later name / Madame

cantante, soprano

born: 1698 Parma, Italy Source: 1  

born: 1700 Parma, Italy Source: 2  

died: 1770 Bologna, Italy Source: 1  
died: 1770 Parma, Italy Source: 2  

perf: 1717 Genova, Italy (Sant'Agostino)  
perf: 1718 Reggio Emilia, Italy  
perf: 1733 Genova, Italy (Sant'Agostino)  
perf: 1734 Genova, Italy (Sant'Agostino)  

The Music Sack has 38 items with information about Francesca Cuzzoni:


Parte Quarta. Indice degli Artisti

p. 479-603 In:
Tanasini, Gino
Iovino, Roberto
Mattion, Beana
I palcoscenici della lirica : cronologia dal Falcone al nuovo Carlo Felice (1645-1992)
Genova: SAGEP, 1993, 606 p.

Number of People : 6,779


Riemens, Leo
Kutsch, Karl J.
Grosses Sangerlexikon
Bern: Francke, 1987, 3452 columns in two volumes p.

Number of People : 6,910


Cantanti (Soloisti e Coristi)

p. 365-398 In:
Fabbri, Paolo
Verti, Roberto
Due secoli di teatro per musica a Reggio Emilia.
Repertorio cronologico delle opere e dei balli 1645-1857
Reggio Emilia: Edizioni del Teatro Municipale Valli, 1987, 479 p.

Number of People : 1,524


Dean, Winton
Handel's operas 1704-1726
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1987

Number of People : 47


Blanchard, Roger
Cande, Roland de
Dieux et divas de l'opera : des origines a la Malibran
Roger Blanchard et Roland de Cande
Paris: Plon, 1986, 429 p.

Number of People : 116


Chiti, Patricia Adkins
Donne in musica
Rome: Bulzoni Editore, 1982, 200 p.

Number of People : 418

 1980 Source: 1

Sadie, Stanley
The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
London: Macmillan, 1980

Number of People : 20,506


Robijns, Jozef
Zijlstra, Miep
Algemene muziek enciclopedie
hoofdred., J. Robijns en Miep Zijlstra
Haarlem: De Haan, [1979]-1984

Number of People : 16,262


Sundstrom, Einar
Morin, Gosta
Moberg, Carl-Allan
Sohlman's musiklexikon
2. rev. och utvidgade uppl.
Redaktion: Gosta Morin, Carl-Alan Moberg och Einar Sundstrom
Stockholm: Sohlman Forlag, 1975-1979, 5 v.

Number of People : 10,962


Clayton, Ellen Creathorne
Queens of song
Freeport, New York: Books for Libraries Press, 1972

Number of People : 33


Index Alphabetique

p. 441-461 In:
Benoit, Marcelle
Versailles et les musiciens du roi, 1661-1733.
Paris: A. et J. Picard, 1971, 474 p.

Number of People : 1,600


Pleasants, Henry
The great singers : From Jenny Lind to Callas and Pavarotti
London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1967, 395 p.

Number of People : 64


Pleasants, Henry
The Great Opera Singers from the Dawn of Opera to our Own Time
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1966 [London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1967]. 352 p.
       147 illus., bib

Number of People : 60


Zenei lexikon
Budapest: Zenemukiado Vallalat, 1965

Number of People : 4,351


Herzfeld, Friedrich
Magie der Stimme
Die Welt des Singens, der Oper und der grossen Sanger
Berlin: Verlag Ullstein, 1961.263 p.
       92 illus., 121 music examples

Number of People : 16


Pena, Joaquin
Angles, Higinio
Querol Gavalda, Miguel
Diccionario de la musica labor
Iniciado por Joaquin Pena
Continuado por Higinio Angles
Con la colaboracion de Miguel Querol y otros distinguidos musicologos espanoles y extranjeros
Barcelona: Editorial Labor, 1954, 2V, 2318P.

Number of People : 7,942


Moberg, Carl-Allan
Sundstrom, Einar
Sohlman's musiklexikon : nordiskt och allmant upplagsverk for tonkonst, musikliv och dans
Redaktion: Gosta Morin, Carl Allan Moberg [och] Einar Sundstrom
Stockholm: Sohlman Forlag, [1951-]

Number of People : 8,662


Bazzetta de Vemenia, Nino
Le cantanti italiane dell' Ottocento : ricordi - aneddoti - intimita - amori.
Novara: Edizioni Giulio Volante, 1945.298 p.
       68 illus., bib

Number of People : 31


Schmidl, Carlo
Dizionario universale dei musicisti
Milan: Sonzogno, 1937, 2V p.

Number of People : 11,317


Frank, Paul
Altmann, Wilhelm
Kurzgefasstes Tonkunstler Lexikon : fur Musiker und Freunde der Musik
Begrundet von Paul Frank
Neu bearbeitet und erganzt von Wilhelm Altmann
Regensburg: Gustave Bosse, 1936, 730 p.

Number of People : 17,230

 1931 Source: 2

Alcari, Cesare
Parma nella musica
Parma: M. Fresching, 1931, 259 p.

Number of People : 424


Norlind, Tobias
Allmant musiklexikon
Stockholm: Wahlstrom & Widstrand, 1927-28, 2V p.

Number of People : 4,739


Grew, Sydney
Makers of music
The story of singers and instrumentalists
By Sydney Grew
London: G. T. Foulis, 1926

Number of People : 70


Remy, Alfred
Baker, Theodore
Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians
Third edition
Revised and enlarged by Alfred Remy, M.A.
New York: G. Schirmer, 1919, 1094 p.

Number of People : 7,067


Elson, Louis Charles (editor)
Modern Music and Musicians for Vocalists. 2 vols
New York: The University Society, Inc., 1918. Vol. II, Opera: History and Guide. viii, 319-640 p.

Number of People : 24


From the Beginnings of Opera to Catalani

p. 81 In:
University Musical Encyclopedia; Vocal music and musicians; the vocal art - great vocalists - famous songs
By many eminent editors, experts and special contributors
New York: University Society, 1912, 336 p.

Number of People : 8


Baker, Theodore
Biographical dictionary of musicians
Compiled and edited by Theodore Baker, Ph.D.
New York: G. Schirmer, 1900, 653 p.

Number of People : 5,682

More Details : (1 Section)


Sittard, Josef
Geschichte des Musik- und Concertwesens in Hamburg. Vom 14. Jahrhundert bis auf die Gegenwart
Altona: A. C. Rehor, 1890, 392 p.

Number of People : 271


Edwards, Henry Sutherland
The prima donna
London: Remington and Co Publishers, 1888

Number of People : 16


Brown, James Duff
Biographical dictionary of musicians.
With a bibliography of English writings on music
Paisley, Scotland: A. Gardner, 1886, 637 p.

Number of People : 4,300


Thurner, A.
Les reines de chant
Paris: A Hennuyer, Imprimeur-Editeur, 1883. 335 p.
       4 engravings by E. Abot
       Note: Saint-Huberty, Cinti-Damoreau, Malibran, Miolan-Carvalho

Number of People : 61


Baptie, David
A handbook of musical biography
London: W. Morley, 1883, 256 p.

Number of People : 3,177


Catalogo della collezione d'autografi. Lasciata alla R. Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna dall' accademico ab. dott. Masseangelo Masseangeli ...
Bologna: 1881

Number of People : 690


Scudo, Paolo
L'art ancien et L'art moderne
Paris: Garnier Freres, 1854

Number of People : 34


Hogarth, George
Memoirs of the opera in Italy, France, Germany and England
Vol. I
London: 1851, 376 p.

Number of People : 65


Gerber, Ernst Ludwig
Historisch-biographisches Lexicon der Tonkunstler, welches NacMchten von dem Leben und den Werken musikalischer Schriftsteller enthalt.
Leipzig: 1790-91, 2 Teile.

Number of People : 3,350


Burney, Charles
A General History of Music from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period.
Vol. 4
London: Payne and Son, 1789. ii, 685 p.
       list of music books, index, errata.
       Note: First-hand observations about singers during the end of the Baroque Italian opera in London

Number of People : 15


Hawkins, John
A General History of the Science and Practice of Music.
Vol. 5
London: T. Payne and Son, 1776. 482, [57], [1] p.
       errata, portraits, plates, musical examples, Index for all 5 volumes.
       Note: Important for singers of the Handelian era.

Number of People : 9

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