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Tomasini, Alois Luigi


 Tomasini, Luigi   (Source: 1)
 Tomasini, Lodovici   (Source: 2)

violin, composer

born: 22 Jun 1741 Pesaro, Italy Source: 3  

born: 1741 Pesaro, Italy Source: 2  

died: 25 Apr 1808 Eisenstadt, Austria Source: 3  
died: ------------ Esterhaz Source: 4  
died: 25 Apr 1808 Eisenstadt, Austria Source: 2  

The Music Sack has 10 items with information about Alois Luigi Tomasini:


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A history of the early classical violin concerto
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Number of People : 97

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More Details : (1 Section)


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Number of People : 519

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