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Dubois, Theodore [Francois Clement Theodore]


 Dubois, Francois   (Source: 1)
 Dubois, Clement-Francois-Theodore   (Source: 2)

composer, compositeur, organ, professeur d'harmonieon dramatique, musicien

born: 24 Aug 1837 Rosnay, Marne / department, France Source: 3  

born: 24 Aug 1831 Source: 4  

died: 11 Jun 1924 Paris, France Source: 3  
died: 10 Jun 1924 Source: 4  

date of Variety obit: 25 Jun 1924  

active: Rennes, France  
active: Uruguay  

The Music Sack has 48 items with information about Theodore [Francois Clement Theodore] Dubois:


Smith, Rollin
The organ of the trocadero and its players

p. 275-308 In:
Peterson, William John
Archbold, Lawrence
French organ music from the Revolution to Franck and Widor
Edited by Lawrence Archbold and William J. Peterson
Rochester, New York: University of Rochester Press, 1995, 323 p.

Number of People : 17


Fauser, Annegret
Der Orchestergesang in Frankreich zwischen 1870 und 1920
Regensburg: Laaber, 1994, 380 p.

Number of People : 48


[minor article]

The above item is part of :
Ochse, Orpha
Organists and organ playing in nineteenth-century France and Belgium
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994, 271 p.

Number of People : 40


Bierley, Paul E.
Rehrig, William H.
The heritage encyclopedia of band music : composers and their music
Edited by Paul E. Bierley
William H. Rehrig
Westerville, Ohio: Integrity Press, 1991

Number of People : 8,916


Darasse, Xavier
Catagrel, Gilles
Roubinet, Michel
Sabatier, Francois
Guillard, Georges
Francois-Sappey, Brigitte
Guide de la musique d'orgue
Sous la direction de Gilles Catagrel avec la collaboratino de Xavier Darasse, Brigitte Francois-Sappey, Georges Guillard, Michel Roubinet, Francois Sabatier
Fayard, 1991, 840 p.

Number of People : 250


Damschroder, David
Williams, David Russell
Music theory from Zarlino to Schenker
A bibliography and guide
By David Damschroder, the University of Minnesota and David Russell Williams, Memphis State University
Stuyvesant, NY: Pendragon Press, 1990
      (Series: Harmonologia; 4)

Number of People : 225



p. 427-439 In:
Mongredien, Jean
Moigne-Mussat, Marie-Claire le
Musique et societe a Rennes aux XVIIIe et XIXe siecles
Preface de Jean Mongredien
Geneve: Editions Minkoff, 1988, 446 p.

Number of People : 1,449


Pitou, Spire
The Paris Opera.
An encyclopedia of operas, ballets, composers, and performers; growth and grandeur, 1815-1914
New York: Greenwood Press, 1983

Number of People : 309


Index Onomastique

p. 387-423 In:
Burdet, Jacques
La musique dans le pays de Vaud 1904-1939
Lausanne: Payot, 1983, 431 p.

Number of People : 2,673


Willia, Stephen C.
Toomey, Kathleen M.
Musicians in Canada
A bio-bibliographical finding list
Edited by Kathleen M. Toomey & Stephen C. Williams
Ottawa: Canadian Association of Music Libraries, 1981, 185 p.

Number of People : 3,053

 1980 Source: 3

Sadie, Stanley
The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
London: Macmillan, 1980

Number of People : 20,506



The above item is part of :
Perry, Jeb H.
Variety obits. An index to obituaries in Variety, 1905-1978
Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1980, 311 p.

Number of People : 101,729


Wilkins, Nigel
The writings of Erik Satie
Edited and translated by Nigel Wilkins
London: Eulenburg Books, 1980, 178 p.

Number of People : 131


Robijns, Jozef
Zijlstra, Miep
Algemene muziek enciclopedie
hoofdred., J. Robijns en Miep Zijlstra
Haarlem: De Haan, [1979]-1984

Number of People : 16,262

 1979 Source: 1

Johnson, H. Earle
First performances in America to 1900 : works with orchestra
Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1979, 446 p.
      (Series: Bibliographies in American Music; Four)

Number of People : 254

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 1977 Source: 4

Stieger, Franz
Teil II: Komponisten
Tutzing: Hans Schneider, 1977

Number of People : 9,633


Sundstrom, Einar
Morin, Gosta
Moberg, Carl-Allan
Sohlman's musiklexikon
2. rev. och utvidgade uppl.
Redaktion: Gosta Morin, Carl-Alan Moberg och Einar Sundstrom
Stockholm: Sohlman Forlag, 1975-1979, 5 v.

Number of People : 10,962


Index Onomastique

p. 681-733 In:
Burdet, Jacques
La musique dans le pays de Vaud aux XIXe siecle
Lausanne: Payot, 1971, 742 p.

Number of People : 4,518


Indice Alfabetico

p. 331-347 In:
Salgado, Susana
Breve historia de la musica culta en el Uruguay
Montevideo: Aemus, 1971, 327 p.

Number of People : 1,001


Utlandska ledamoter

p. 160 In:
Hillestrom, Gustaf
Matrikel 1771-1971 : Kungl. Musikaliska Akademien
Strangnas: Nordiska Musikforlaget i distribution, 1971, 286 p.

Number of People : 357


Honneger, Marc
Dictionnaire de la musique
Publie sous la direction de Marc Honneger
Paris: Bordas, 1970-76

Number of People : 6,183


Waiter, Arnold
Aspects of Music in Canada.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1969

Number of People : 475


Zenei lexikon
Budapest: Zenemukiado Vallalat, 1965

Number of People : 4,351


Pena, Joaquin
Angles, Higinio
Querol Gavalda, Miguel
Diccionario de la musica labor
Iniciado por Joaquin Pena
Continuado por Higinio Angles
Con la colaboracion de Miguel Querol y otros distinguidos musicologos espanoles y extranjeros
Barcelona: Editorial Labor, 1954, 2V, 2318P.

Number of People : 7,942


Landormy, Paul
La musique francaise de Franck a Debussy
Paris: Gallimard, 1943

Number of People : 32


Godefroy-Demombynes, Jean
Histoire de la musique francaise
1943, 431 p.

Number of People : 117


Bio-bibliographical index of musicians in the United States of America since colonial times
Prepared by the District of Columbia Historical Records Survey Division of Community Service Programs Works project Administration
Washington, DC: 1941, 439 p.

Number of People : 10,576


Baker, Theodore
Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians
Fourth edition revised and enlarged
New York: G. Schirmer, 1940

Number of People : 6,835


Schmidl, Carlo
Dizionario universale dei musicisti
Milan: Sonzogno, 1937, 2V p.

Number of People : 11,317


Frank, Paul
Altmann, Wilhelm
Kurzgefasstes Tonkunstler Lexikon : fur Musiker und Freunde der Musik
Begrundet von Paul Frank
Neu bearbeitet und erganzt von Wilhelm Altmann
Regensburg: Gustave Bosse, 1936, 730 p.

Number of People : 17,230


Norlind, Tobias
Allmant musiklexikon
Stockholm: Wahlstrom & Widstrand, 1927-28, 2V p.

Number of People : 4,739


Bethleem, L.
Les operas, les operas-comiques et les operettes
Paris: Editions de la "Revue des Lectures", 1926, 573 p.

Number of People : 100


Rohozinski, L.
Cinquante ans de musique francaise, de 1874 a 1925
Sous la direction de L. Rohozinski
Tome 1
Paris: Librairie de France, 1925

Number of People : 104

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Musical Times, 1924

Number of People : 29


Annuaire des artistes et de l'enseignement dramatique et musical : 31em anne 1921-22. France & colonies, Monaco, Luxembourg Belgique, Suisse
Paris: Officiel General de la Musique, 1922, 1359 p.

Number of People : 186

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Remy, Alfred
Baker, Theodore
Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians
Third edition
Revised and enlarged by Alfred Remy, M.A.
New York: G. Schirmer, 1919, 1094 p.

Number of People : 7,067


Saerchinger, Cesar
International who's who in music and musical gazetteer
Edited by Cesar Saerchinger
New York: Current Literature Pub. Co., 1918, 841 p.

Number of People : 5,340


Tiersot, Julien
Un demi-siecle de musique francaise : entre deux guerres 1870-1917.
Paris: Libraire Felix Alcan, 1918

Number of People : 51


Rapin, Eugene
Histoire du piano et des pianistes
Par Eugene Rapin
Bologna: Forni Editore, 1904

Number of People : 394


Baker, Theodore
Biographical dictionary of musicians
Compiled and edited by Theodore Baker, Ph.D.
New York: G. Schirmer, 1900, 653 p.

Number of People : 5,682

More Details : (1 Section)

 1900 Source: 2

Personnel administratif et enseignant

p. 436 In:
Pierre, Constant
Le Conservatoire National de musique et de declamation
Documents historique et administratifs
Recueillis ou reconstitues par Constant Pierre sous-chef du secretariat, laureat de l'institut
Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1900

Number of People : 557


Dictionnaire des laureats

p. 684 In:
Pierre, Constant
Le Conservatoire National de musique et de declamation
Documents historique et administratifs
Recueillis ou reconstitues par Constant Pierre sous-chef du secretariat, laureat de l'institut
Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1900

Number of People : 5,942


Jullien, Adolphe
Musiciens d'aujourd'hui : deuxieme serie
Paris: Librarie de l'Art, 1894

Number of People : 20


Les Dictionnaires Departementaux. Dictionnaire biographique ... du departement de la Marne ...
Paris: 1893

Number of People : 20


Vapereau, Louis Gustave
Dictionnaire universel des contemporains, etc ...
4e ed.
Paris: 1893

Number of People : 249


Imbert, Hugues
Nouveaux profils de musiciens
Paris: Librairie Fischbacher, 1892

Number of People : 6


Curinier, C.E.
Dictionnaire national des contemporains ...
Paris: 1889-1906, 6 vols.

Number of People : 224


Fetis, Francois-Joseph
Biographie universelle des musiciens ...
Paris: 1881-89, 8 vols. Supplement et complement. 2 vols.

Number of People : 2,440

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