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Caccini, Francesca


 Caccini Fiorentina, Francesca   (Source: 1)
 Signorini, Francesca  

singer, compositrice, cantante

born: 18 Sep 1587 Florence, Italy Source: 2  

born: 1586 Source: 3  

died: probably 1640 Source: 2  

active: Napoli, Italy  

The Music Sack has 35 items with information about Francesca Caccini:


Glickman, Sylvia
Schleifer, Martha Furman
Women Composers. Music Through the Ages. Volume 1. Composers Born Before 1599.
Edited by Martha Furman Schleifer and Sylvia Glickman
New York: G. K. Hall, 1996, 365 p.

Number of People : 20


Claghorn, Charles Eugene
Women composers and songwriters.
A concise biographical dictionary
Lanham, Md: Scarecrow Press, 1996, 247 p.

Number of People : 994


Indice Dei Nomi

The above item is part of :
Passadore, Francesco
Rossi, Franco
Musica, scienza e idee nella serenissima durante il seicento
A cura di Francesco Passadore e Franco Rossi
Venezia: Edizioni Fondazione Levi, 1996, 414 p.
       Note: Atti del convegno internazionale di studi Venezia - Palazzo Giustinian Lolin 13-15 dicembre 1993

Number of People : 2,295


Indice Dei Nomi

p. 611-644 In:
Antolini, Bianca Maria
Spagnuolo, Vera Vita
Morelli, Arnaldo
La musica a Roma attraverso le fonti d'archivo
A cura di Bianca Maria Antolini, Arnaldo Morelli, Vera Vita Spagnuolo
Lucca: Libreria Musicale Italiana Editrice, 1994, 644 p.

Number of People : 3,083


Heinrich, Adel
Organ and harpsichord music by women composers
Compiled by Adel Heinrich
New York: Greenwood Press, 1991
      (Series: Music reference collection; 30)

Number of People : 766


Boenke, Heidi M.
Flute music by women composers
An annotated catalogue
Compiled by Heidi M. Boenke
New York: Greenwood Press, 1988
      (Series: Music Reference Collection; 16)

Number of People : 651


Jezic, Diane Peacock
Wood, Elizabeth
Women composers : the lost tradition found
Foreword by Elizabeth Wood
New York: Feminist Press at The City University of New York, 1988

Number of People : 25

More Details : (2 Sections)


Olivier, Antje
Komponistinnen von A-Z
Tokkata Verlag, 1988

Number of People : 266


Riemens, Leo
Kutsch, Karl J.
Grosses Sangerlexikon
Bern: Francke, 1987, 3452 columns in two volumes p.

Number of People : 6,910


Indice Dei Nomi

The above item is part of :
Ziino, Agostino
d'Alessandro, Domenico Antonio
La musica a Napoli durante il seicento.
A cura di Domenico Antonio D'Alessandro e Agostino Ziino
Roma: Edizioni Torre d'Orfeo, 1987, 730 p.
       Note: Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Studi Napoli, 11-14 aprile 1985

Number of People : 2,125


Die Komponistinnen

p. 131 In:
Vom Schweigen befreit. Internationes Komponistinnen-Festival Kassel 20. bis 22. Februar 1987
Kassel: 1987, 144 p.

Number of People : 27


Cook, Susan C.
Lamay, Thomasin K.
Virtuose in Italy 1600-1640 : a reference guide
New York: Garland, 1984

Number of People : 31


Claghorn, Gene
Women composers and hymnists
A concise biographical dictionary
By Gene Claghorn
Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1984, 272 p.

Number of People : 759


Chiti, Patricia Adkins
Donne in musica
Rome: Bulzoni Editore, 1982, 200 p.

Number of People : 418


Neuls-Bates, Carol
Women in music
An anthology of source readings from the Middle Ages to the present
Edited by Carol Neuls-Bates
New York: Harper & Row, 1982, 351 p.

Number of People : 30

 1982 Source: 3

Stieger, Franz
Teil IV: Nachtrage
Tutzing: Hans Schneider, 1982

Number of People : 1,584


Weissweiler, Eva
Komponistinnen aus 500 Jahren
Frankfurt-am-Main: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1981

Number of People : 16


Cohen, Aaron I.
International encyclopedia of women composers : classical and serious music
New York: R. R. Bowker, 1981, 597 p.

Number of People : 3,480

 1980 Source: 2

Sadie, Stanley
The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
London: Macmillan, 1980

Number of People : 20,506


Kongsted, Ole
Kvindelige komponister i Europa
Copenhagen: Musikhistorisk Museum og Carl Claudius' Samling, 1980, 8 p.

Number of People : 18


Anfuso, Nella
Francesca Caccini : talent na miare epoki.
(Ein Talent nach Mass der Epoche)
Ruch Muzyczny. 23 (1979), Nr. 17, S. 6-8.

Number of People : 1


Robijns, Jozef
Zijlstra, Miep
Algemene muziek enciclopedie
hoofdred., J. Robijns en Miep Zijlstra
Haarlem: De Haan, [1979]-1984

Number of People : 16,262


Honneger, Marc
Dictionnaire de la musique
Publie sous la direction de Marc Honneger
Paris: Bordas, 1970-76

Number of People : 6,183


Raney, Carolyn
Francesca Caccini's "Primo Libro"
Music & Letters. 48 (1967), S. 350-357.

Number of People : 1


Zenei lexikon
Budapest: Zenemukiado Vallalat, 1965

Number of People : 4,351


Eitner, Robert
Biographisch-bibliographisches Quellen-Lexikon der Musiker und Musikgelehrten
Christlicher Zeitrechnung bis Mitte des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts
Graz: Akademische Druck- u. Verlaganstalt, 1959

Number of People : 26,838


Murzilli, Vincenzo
Von Claudio Monteverdi bis Richard Strauss
Halle, Saale: Veb Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1955

Number of People : 43



p. 417-441 In:
Senn, Walter
Streiters, Lambert
Musik und Theatre am Hof zu Innsbruck
Geschichte der Hofkapelle vom 15. Jahrhundert bis zu deren Auflosung im Jahre 1748
Unter Verwertung von Vorarbeiten Lambert Streiters von Walter Senn
Innsbruck: Osterreichische Verlagsanstalt, 1954, 447 p.

Number of People : 3,306


Pena, Joaquin
Angles, Higinio
Querol Gavalda, Miguel
Diccionario de la musica labor
Iniciado por Joaquin Pena
Continuado por Higinio Angles
Con la colaboracion de Miguel Querol y otros distinguidos musicologos espanoles y extranjeros
Barcelona: Editorial Labor, 1954, 2V, 2318P.

Number of People : 7,942


Schmidl, Carlo
Dizionario universale dei musicisti : Supplemento
Milan: Sonzogno, 1938, 806 p.

Number of People : 9,140


Schmidl, Carlo
Dizionario universale dei musicisti
Milan: Sonzogno, 1937, 2V p.

Number of People : 11,317


Elson, Arthur
Woman's work in music. Being an account of her influence on the arts, in ancient as well as modern times.
A summary of her musical compositions, in the different countries of the civilized world. And an estimate of their rank in comparison with those of man.
By Arthur Elson author of "A Critical History of Opera"
Boston: L. C. Page, 1903

Number of People : 307


Fetis, Francois-Joseph
Biographie universelle des musiciens : et bibliographie generale de la musique.
Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1875-83

Number of People : 5,657


Gerber, Ernst Ludwig
Neues historischbiographisches Lexikon der Tonkunstler, welches Nachrichten von dem Leben und den Werken musikalischer Schriftsteller, berhumter Componisten, Sunger, Maister auf Instrumenten, Orgel- und Instrumentenmacher etc. aus allen Nationen enthalt ...
4 Bde.
Leipzig: 1812-14

Number of People : 4,453


Compositions by Italian women published 1566-1700

p. 162 In:
Bowers, Jane
The Emergence of women composers in Italy 1566-1700.

Number of People : 22

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