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4 items published in 1890-99 have information about Ignace Joseph Pleyel


Jan, H.L.V.
Eine Tondichtung aus der Strassburger Revolutionszeit.
Wissenschaftl. Beilage d. Leipziger Zeitung 25. Nov. 1890. Extr.
       Note: Le Tocsin allegorique.

Number of People : 1


Love, James
Scottish church music : its composers and sources
Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1891

Number of People : 387


Morris, Lydia T.
Famous musical composers : Being biographies of eminent musicians
Lydia T. Morris, second eition
London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1892

Number of People : 37


Weitzmann, Karl Friedrich
A history of pianoforte-playing and pianoforte-literature
By C.F. Weitzmann
New York: G. Schirmer, 1897, 379 p.

Number of People : 122

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