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5 items published in 1890-99 have information about Niccolo Paganini


Clarke, A. Mason
A biographical dictionary of fiddlers, including performers on the violoncello and double bass. Containing a sketch of their artistic career. Together with notes of their compositions.
London: Wm. Reeves, 1895, 360 p.

Number of People : 519


Ehrlich, A.
Beruhmte Geiger der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart
Leipzig: A. H. Payne, 1893

Number of People : 89


Lahee, Henry C.
Famous violinists of to-day and yesterday
Boston: L. C. Page, 1899

Number of People : 98


Phipson, Thomas Lamb / Dr.
Famous violinists and fine violins
London: Chatto & Windus, Piccadilly, 1896

Number of People : 16


Sittard, Josef
Geschichte des Musik- und Concertwesens in Hamburg. Vom 14. Jahrhundert bis auf die Gegenwart
Altona: A. C. Rehor, 1890, 392 p.

Number of People : 271

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