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Floyd, Samuel A. Jr.
Wright, Josephine
New perspectives on music : essays in honour of Eileen Southern
Edited by Josephine Wright with Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.
Michigan: Harmonie Park Press, 1992, 561 p.

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    Contributors (p. 563) No of People : 15
Floyd, Samuel A. Jr.
    Eileen Jackson Southern : quiet revolutionary. No of People : 1
Braithwaite, J. Roland
    Originality in the 1801 hymnals of Richard Allen. No of People : 1
Hitchcock, H. Wiley
    Charles Ives and the spiritual "In the Morning" : Give Me Jesus. No of People : 1
Williams, Yvonne C.
    Leslie Adams and the making of the opera Blake An interview with the composer. No of People : 1
Riis, Thomas L.
    Pink Morton's theater, black vaudeville, and the TOBA : recovering the history 1910-30. No of People : 1
Crawford, Richard
    Notes on jazz standards by black authors and composers, 1899-1942. No of People : 9
Block, Adrienne Fried
    Two virtuoso performers in Boston : Jenny Lind and Camilla Urso. No of People : 2
Wright, Josephine
    Black women in classical music in Boston during the late nineteenth century : profiles of leadership.
McGinty, Doris Evans
    Black women in the music of Washington, D.C. 1900-20. No of People : 32
Handy, D. Antoinette
    Black women and American orchestras An update. No of People : 7
Ryder, Georgia A.
    Thea Musgrave and the production of her opera Harriet, the woman called Moses An interview with the composer. No of People : 1

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