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Sample 3: Books with sections

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Historical Note:

The relationship shown below between the parent item and the sections within the item is a very common situation.

However since Library Science is locked into an "1840s-1960s time warp" those educated entirely within this discipline will have no knowledge of this common relationship and how to represent it.


Pine, L.G.
Who's who in music
First post-war edition (1949-50)
London: Shaw Publishing, 1950, 419 p.

Number of People : 4,675

More Details : (4 Sections)


Pierre, Constant
Le Conservatoire National de musique et de declamation
Documents historique et administratifs
Recueillis ou reconstitues par Constant Pierre sous-chef du secretariat, laureat de l'institut
Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1900

More Details : (2 Sections)


Baptie, David
Musical Scotland past and present. Being a dictionary of Scottish musicians from about 1400 till the present time
To which is added a bibliography of musical publications connected with Scotland from 1611
Compiled and edited by David Baptie
Paisley, Scotland: J. and R. Parlane, 1894, 219 p.

More Details : (6 Sections)


La musica nella Svizzera italiana
Lugano: Ricerche Musicali Nella Svizzera Italiana, 1975, 45 p.

More Details : (7 Sections)

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