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Jean Barraque
Munchen: 1993
      (Series: Musik-Konzepte; 82)

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Barraque, Jean
Lockspeiser, Edward
By Jean Barraque
Music and Letters 44 (1963), Nr. 2, S. 186-187.

Number of People : 1


Fano, Michel
Roux, Maurice le
Lyon, Raymond (Hrsg)
Michel, Gerard
Philippot, Michel P.
Hodeir, Andre
Amy, Gilbert
Messiaen, Olivier
"Portrait de Jean Barraque"
[mit Beitragen von Gilbert Amy, Daniel-Lesur, Michel Fano, Andre Hodeir, Olivier Messiaen, Gerard Michel, Maurice Le Roux, Michel Philippot]
Le Courrier Musical de France 1973, Nr. 44, S. 130-132.

Number of People : 1

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