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Heintze, James R.
Early American music
A research and information guide
James R. Heintze
New York: Garland, c1990, 511 p.
      (Series: Music research and information guides; vol. 13)

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Padover, Saul K.
Thomas Jefferson : Philosopher, Statesman-And Musician.
Stereo Review 21/5 (1968): 82-86.

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Patterson, Relford
Three American "Primitives"
A Study of the Musical Style of Hans Gram, Oliver Holden, and Samuel Holyoke
Washington. 1963. Ph.D. 283p.
  - Dissertation Abstracts International: 25/3 (Sept 1964): 1957
  - Microfilm: 64-2329


Pierce, Edwin Hall
Thomas Jefferson and his Violin.
Etude 47/9 (September 1929): 684-85.
       Note: Mentions some of the music he likely played and his practicing and playing habits.

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Poole, Franklin Parker
The Moravian Musical Heritage : Johann Christian Geisler's Music in America.
George Peabody College for Teachers. 1971. Ph.D. vi, 352p.

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Porter, Susan L.
John Hodgkinson in England
The Early Life of an American Actor-Singer.
American Music 6/3 (Fall 1988): 264-80.

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