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Chase, Gilbert
A guide to the music of Latin America
Second edition, revised and enlarged
By Gilbert Chase
Washington, DC: Pan American Union, General Secretariat, Organisation of American States, 1962, 411 p.

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Weinstock, Herbert
Music by Chavez.
Americas [Washington, D.C.], v. 3, no. 3 (Mar. 1951), p.10-12, 44-46.
       Note: Personal account of Chavez as a human being and as a conductor. Photographs.

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Williams, Alberto
Amancio Alcorta, compositor.
Buenos Aires, 1943. 18 p.

Number of People : 1


Wilson, Betty
Colombian harpsichordist
Americas [Washington, D.C.], v.9, no.6 (June 1957), p.20-21

Number of People : 1


Wright, Marie Robinson
The new Brazil
Philadelphia, George Barrie and sons, 1908. 2d ed. 494 p.
       Note: Pages 165-168

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