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Chase, Gilbert
A guide to the music of Latin America
Second edition, revised and enlarged
By Gilbert Chase
Washington, DC: Pan American Union, General Secretariat, Organisation of American States, 1962, 411 p.

The above bibliography has 4 items with author last name starting "Q"


Quiroga, Daniel
Las "Doce tonadas" para piano.
Revista Musical Chilena, v.1, no. 5 (Sept 1945), p.25.31.

Number of People : 1


Quiroga, Daniel
Las obras sinfonicas en el segundo festival de musica chilena.
Revista Musical Chilena, v.6, no.39 (Spring 1950), p.14-18.

Number of People : 4


Quiroga, Daniel
Los hermanos Garcia Guerrero.
Revista Musical Chilena, v.2, no.11 (May. 1946), p.7-14.
       Note: Pioneers in the development of music in Chile.

Number of People : 1


Quiroga, Daniel
Musica de camara de Soro.
Revista Musical Chilena, v.4, no.30 (Aug..Sep. 1948), p.24-30.

Number of People : 1

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