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Chase, Gilbert
A guide to the music of Latin America
Second edition, revised and enlarged
By Gilbert Chase
Washington, DC: Pan American Union, General Secretariat, Organisation of American States, 1962, 411 p.

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Kahan, Salomon
Native opera enters Mexican repertoire.
Musical America, v.59, no.14 (Nov 1949), p.10.
       Note: Review of season. One native opera successfully produced: Tata Vasco by Miguel Bernal Jiminez

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Kauffmann, Helen Loeb
Carlos Chavez : decidedly no "manana" Mexican.
Musical America, v.56, no.14 (Sept 1936), P.11, 26.

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Keller, Carlos
Aquinas Ried : leben und werke.
Concepcion, 1927.

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Keller, Eduardo
Juan Carlos Paz.
Musica Viva [Rio de Janeiro], v.2, no.1011 (Apr.-May 1941), p.1-2.
       Note: With portrait and list of works.

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