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Harvey, D.R.
A bibliography of writings about New Zealand music published to the end of 1983
Wellington, NZ: Victoria University Press, 1985

The above bibliography has 3 items with author last name starting "O"


O'Halloran, Arthur
A maker of "Maori music" : a note on Alfred Hill
New Zealand magazine, v21n6, Nov/Dec 1942
p. 2l-22.
       Note: A brief list of Hill's compositions was published in the following issue (v22n1, Jan/Feb 1943, p16)

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O'Halloran, Arthur
A distinguished musician : Professor W.E. Somerset-Thomas
New Zealand magazine, v22n2, Mar/Apr 1943: p. 8-9.

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signed: O.J. (= ?)
He sees with his ears : and thinks with his hands
Listener, 17 Sep 1954: p. 7.

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