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The descriptive note comes from item 439 in :


Henderson, Alice H.
Henderson, Donald Gene
Carl Maria von Weber : a guide to research
New York: Garland, 1990, 385 p.

This is what Donald Gene Henderson had to say:

A total issue devoted to Der Freischutz. In addition to a new French translation of the libretto by Philippe Godefroid (pp.30-87), contains French translations of commentaries on Der Freischutz by Friedrich Kind, Max Maria von Weber, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Heinrich Heine, Richard Wagner, Carl Dahlhaus, and Theodore Adorno. Original contributions include the following: Jean-Michel Breque, "Les noces ambigues de l'opera et du fantastique," which points out the ambiguity of the plot and music, with its juxtaposition of horror and happiness--a similar but more skillful combination than Mozart achieved in Don Giovanni (pp.10-17); Elisabeth Giuliani, "La nature a l'oeuvre," which calls attention to the correspondence in the opera between nature and aspects of human nature and its medieval sense of nature as a sinister force (pp.98-101); Pierre Babin, "Qu'on ne tire pas librement," a psychoanalytical approach to the opera (pp.110-113); Gerard Conde, "Les aventures du Freischutz en France," a performance history of the opera in France (pp. 114-125); discussion by Achim Freyer on his staging of the opera for the Wurttemberg Opera (pp.186-188); an illustrated chronology and cast list of forty-two notable Freischutz performances throughout the world between 1821 and 1988 (pp. 170-177); a discography of recordings of Der Freischutz from 1929-1985 prepared by Andre Tubeuf (pp.162-169); a bibliography on Der Freischutz with information on editions of the score, the libretto, and piano reductions (pp.178-180); and character sketches of Max and Agathe by Elizabeth Giuliani and Marie-Francoise Vieuille (pp.102-07).

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