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The descriptive note comes from item 252 in :


Henderson, Alice H.
Henderson, Donald Gene
Carl Maria von Weber : a guide to research
New York: Garland, 1990, 385 p.

This is what Donald Gene Henderson had to say:

Describes Weber's personality, based on selections from his diary and letters, as "mental honesty, artistic integrity, awareness of duty, concern for the details of a task and for order." His writing shows a spiritual affinity to that of Hoffmann, Novalis, and Tieck: an emphasis on drama as opposed to reality, on the resemblance of music to love, and on the symbolism of sounds. Describes Weber's activity as a critic and his efforts to promote the music of his associates. Weber was concerned with honesty in dramatic situations and believed that Italian opera, despite the beauty of the songs, did not present dramatic truth.

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