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The descriptive note comes from item 161 in :


Henderson, Alice H.
Henderson, Donald Gene
Carl Maria von Weber : a guide to research
New York: Garland, 1990, 385 p.

This is what Donald Gene Henderson had to say:

Includes both a biographical section and a somewhat longer analytical section. Describes Weber's relationship to his teacher Abbe Vogler and his friend and mentor Franz Danzi, with considerable background information on both composers. Emphasizes their crucial influence on Weber's compositions. Many of the formal and harmonic characteristics of Weber's later works may be identified in his earlier works and show a striking resemblance to the characteristics of Vogler and Danzi. Weber is connected to the Mannheim school, however, not only through his contacts with these men but through his father's influence and his Munich visits. Expresses doubts about the authenticity of Weber's JUGENDMESSE and discusses the evidence surrounding Weber's incarceration at Stuttgart, which indicates that his own debts were mainly responsible. Disputes Max Maria von Weber's description of the incarceration as a dramatic turning point in Weber's life. Weber, in fact, was well treated and continued working while held. Extensive archival work and use of Weber's correspondence. Informative footnotes and extensive bibliography.

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