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The descriptive note comes from item 66 in :


Henderson, Alice H.
Henderson, Donald Gene
Carl Maria von Weber : a guide to research
New York: Garland, 1990, 385 p.

This is what Donald Gene Henderson had to say:

Describes a newly-discovered drawing of Weber, done in 1817 in Dresden by Adam Grunbaum, who was probably the brother-in-law of Therese Grunbaum, one of Weber's leading sopranos. In contrast to all other Weber portraits, which show him in formal clothing, this shows him wearing a shirt open at the collar. Weber's diary entry for May 20, 1817, states "Grunb. zeichnete mich." The picture is in private ownership in Munich and has suffered some damage. It was reproduced on the cover of the November 1986 NEUE ZEITSCHRIFT FUR MUSIK. Presents evidence that an oil painting of Weber by an unknown artist, reproduced on p.55 of Laux's 1978 biography of Weber (item 105), is also by Grunbaum.

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